Our technicians are certified through the State of Michigan Department of Agriculture
Photos by Michigan State University
We include a pesticide application with our Program
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Cisco's Landscaping & Design Services offers fertilization treatments with our 
6 Application Program. 
These applications not only fertilize the lawn, they also provide extra nutrition, herbicide, and pesticide throughout the season. 
Our Michigan State certified technicians will also provide our customers with a detailed information sheet for their records.
  • In the early spring, our technician applies a pre-emergent weed control with slow-release fertilizer
  • Weed -n- Feed with Iron and a Broadleaf herbicide is applied in the Spring
  • Late June our tech will treat your lawn with both Insect Control and a Herbicide
  • During the summer, we will apply a Herbicide along with a Weed -n- Feed plus Iron
  • Early in the fall, our technician will apply both a Fertilizer with Iron as well as a Herbicide
  • Late fall we treat your lawn with a Winterizer that provides nutrition for cool weather root growth